Corporate Profiles

Get to Know PPC Corporate Members from these Monthly Profiles

Each month we will profile two Corporate Members, one Regular and one Associate. You can learn about what they offer and how the PPC affects their business and personal growth. If your company is a Corporate Member, you will be asked to participate in future profiles.


Founded in 1971, BG manufactures and supplies professional-use automotive fuel and oil conditioners, specialty chemicals, greases, tools, and equipment to a global network of distributors. Every business day, more than 27,500 dealerships, franchise shops, and independent shops around the world use BG products and services.

With a state-of-the-art R&D laboratory, in-house engineering department, the BG Proving Ground real-world testing facility, and award-winning apps and online training modules, BG’s innovation leads the automotive maintenance industry. At BG, we solve the automotive problems of today and anticipate the problems of tomorrow.

How long have you been a member of the PPC?  9 years

What value does the PPC bring to your company?
The networking opportunities with other packaging companies as well as staying up-to-date and current with industry opportunities, news, events, and compliance topics.

How does your participation in the PPC help you in your personal development?
Knowledge and growth within the packaging industry and building relationships with others in the industry.



ALPLA produces innovative packaging systems, bottles, caps, and injection-molded parts for a wide range of industries. Our long history as a family-run business, our cutting-edge technologies and the knowledge and dedication of our employees set us and our products apart. Our business activities are founded on sustainability and the climate-friendly use of resources. With our more than 25 years of experience in recycling and our own recycling plants, we play our part in ensuring that plastics remain in the materials cycle.

How long has your company been a member of the PPC?  2 years

What value does the PPC bring to your company?
The PPC provides ALPLA with opportunities to engage with customers within the automotive industry on a more personal level. Our team can identify major players within the automotive industry and build lasting relationships while learning more about market trends and pain points with potential customers.

How does your participation in the PPC help in your personal development? 
Participation in the PPC helps ALPLA discover potential customers and partners excited to explore the possibilities of producing innovative packaging solutions. The trade show allows ALPLA to showcase our capabilities and key innovations to spread ALPLA's message and awareness within various industries.