President's Message

headshot of president of PPC Jeremy HenryDear PPC Members,

As we continue to prepare for the PPC’s Fall Meeting in Nashville, there continues to be some reoccurring themes … ‘WE are better together’ & ‘A return to normalcy’. Now more than ever, people are saying “can we just get things back to ‘normal’?”

If by ‘normal’ you are referring to seeing old friends, doing business face-to-face, and being able to share ideas for improving our industry…then yes, I would agree that ‘normal’ would be nice. The problem we are all facing is that our concept of ‘normal’ has been forever changed with the COVID-19 pandemic and with the death of George Floyd.

Over the last three weeks, it has become apparent that ALL of us must challenge our understanding of what ‘normal’ looks like for many people across our country. Racial, sexual and gender discrimination should have no place anywhere within the United States, and WE as business owners, leaders and influencers should do our part to ensure respect, fairness and equal opportunity for all Americans, especially in our industry.

I will be asking the Board of Directors to assist me in identifying ways the PPC can be part of the solution. The PPC might not be the biggest trade association within our industry, but we have always fulfilled a particularly important role…bringing people together with a common purpose!

As our nation continues to work through this difficult time, please join me in praying for wisdom and healing for our country. With your help, the PPC will continue to challenge the ‘normal’ of the past and help make a better and more diverse future…WE are BETTER together!

See you in Nashville,

Jeremy Henry
PPC President 2020