President's Message

headshot of president of PPC Jeremy HenryHappy 2022!

I hope everyone had a happy, restful holiday. Your PPC Board has been at work, reviewing budgets, planning for our Spring Meeting in Tucson, and preparing for an exciting 2022 for the PPC!

First, the Board has voted for the PPC to join the NLCRC (National Lubricant Container Recycling Coalition), a group formed to tackle the crucially important issue of recycling post-consumer oil containers. You will hear more of this collaborative group and the undertaking that is planned for 2022.

Next, your Board is working to develop a new communication plan. This will allow us to share the excitement of the PPC and be a great tool to keep in touch with our membership, recruit and welcome new members, as well as communicate with legislators on those issues that heavily impact us all.

Getting back to Tucson; TRADESHOW!!! Wow, how long has it been since we have enjoyed one of these. The Board and Brenda are hard at work to make the Tucson meeting in March a memorable one.

Finally, we have all talked incessantly about Covid-19; supply chain issues; labor constraints; inflationary pressure; …and how to “get through 2022 with these issues”. My New Year’s resolution is to re-shape this conversation, if only for myself. Like the late, great January 1 icon, Dick Clark, I am going to ’Rock The New Year’. I refuse to merely survive the obstacles that define our industry. This is going to be a year of high energy, great performance and electrifying success. I invite you all to join me on the journey in this ‘Most Excellent Year’ (a little ‘Bill & Ted’ or ‘Garth & Wayne’ – depending on your age/generation)!!! And if we all try and help remind each other, this will be an amazing year! After all, We ARE the PPC!

See you in Tucson!!!

Kevin Whitehead
PPC President